A Tear Drop on my Sleeve

May 20, 2010
Nap time, center time, counting, coloring
First time ever I get my close pin moved.
Smiley face to frowney face,
A tear drop on my sleeve.

Recess, A.R. test, homework now
Teacher raises her voice.
Tummy ache hits,
There is a tear drop on my sleeve.

New school, new friends, a pre-teen now
Perform a poem to the class?
Every eye will be on me,
What to say?
Can't come out of my box,
And it's for a grade.
Another tear drop on my sleeve.

3 test, Huck Finn, an essay due
Classes are harder, more problems to do so
My planner is packed
The stress is boiling: it gets to that point and breaks through,
Splatters a tear drop on my sleeve.

Big room, lots of faces: rush, rush, rush
Tappings, squeaking, clicking-please just shh!
Familiar announcement-5 minutes left
Panic arises, what to I do?
Pencils down! Time is up.
Important test, once again
I'm not done.
But a tear drop is on my sleeve.

A poem? An essay?
Nothing comes to mind,
It is so hard, I know why
Numbers are my friends, words are not
One day left; nothing done.
I always look down to find
That tear drop on my sleeve.

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