Mountain Dew

May 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Invented in the 1940's
by William H. Jones
People wanted it because
of the citrus taste
since there was no taste like it before

The citrus taste was first
with a alcoholic drink
It was called moonshine
Mountain dew is a slang for moonshine

In 1964 it started to come out
It statred to come out people
statrted to drink it and love it.

1973 a new slogan came out and it was ya-hoo in
your life. Meaning you'll get be as excited as a kid in a
candy store.

When preleased pepsi decided
to take over mountain dew
and own and make it.

When it was first made WIlliam made it in Knoxville, Tennessee
now its all over the contry

In 1993 they changed the slogan to "Do the Dew"
and there are lots of sweet tastes like citrus,
orange, cherry, and lime.

Through out the years they have came with with different
flavors like limewire, code red, pitch black, voltage, and many more

The author's comments:
i like the pop mountain dew and love trying all the new flavors

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