The Nature of Hearts

May 18, 2010
By Rachel M. GOLD, Magnolia, Ohio
Rachel M. GOLD, Magnolia, Ohio
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Hearts aren't capable of thinking
or reasoning
or having any emotion at all.

So, by that logic, they shouldn't feel any pain.
Yet we have heartbreak, heartache and heavy hearts.

It could be said these are simply figures of speech,
A way to express how the mind feels.
Using a shape associated with feeling or love to get the message across.

If this is the case, however,
then how can my physical heart hurt?

Why does it feel as if a piece of stone is lodged in my chest?
What is this heavy weight that burns, aches?
How does my chest constrict to the point where breathing becomes a near impossible task?

For a body part incapable of feeling, it certainly has managed to cause me much pain.

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