So they say....

May 18, 2010
So, they say theres a god,
but how am I to know?
Why should I believe?
Just because they say so,
I mean it makes no sense.
A being above all
with the name of god
a title of such importance,
Oh, yeah, he's selfless
A beautiful, yet invisible being?
Oh, yeah, that fits.
So, they say everything has a creator,
apparently thats god
But, wheres his creator?
Hes been there forever
but since there is a beginning to everything...
forever doesn't exist
Oh, honey, hes been there since the start
He created the world...
out of what?
He has magical powers...
As do I,
I can make a child,
With only one other person
Not from some witchcraft.
Faith, trust, fairy dust.
He "created" the angels
that now haunt the world
the storms that kill millions,
every year.
the murders, and rapist,
that now room the street,
and prey on younger ones.
They say this happens
because he "selflessly"
let his people die,
to "sanctify" his name,
and so a snake could prove his point.
He let his only son die a horrible death,
because he's just that perfect.
Be grateful honey,
he created you,
I never asked him too

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