My Ancient Father and the Invisible Man.

May 16, 2010
By ArsAuctor BRONZE, Danville, Virginia
ArsAuctor BRONZE, Danville, Virginia
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My Ancient Father,
Everyone knows as my Mothers Dad,
Is a preacher.
He makes people sad.

He takes long walks with God.
The Invisible man everyone can find in the sky.
The joyful tears fall on the pews,
As they all yell “Amen!”

This makes me Sick.
Altered my family in a disgusting way.
They claim “Satan’s in you!”
That’s all they seem to say.
I watch from a distance in pure wrath,
As my Ancient Father lowers a strange man into a water filled bath.

No is like me.
In my family at least,
They focus too much on the Invisible Man.
So when I die and rot in hell,
They’ll wish I had listened to what my Ancient Father would tell.
As the giant flames rip apart my soul,
They’ll all forget me,
Like a Squirrels acorn hiding hole.

The author's comments:
This is about my Grandfather and Religion.

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