You're Out of Your League (Collection)

May 15, 2010
By jacksully BRONZE, Elmhurst, Illinois
jacksully BRONZE, Elmhurst, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is a well-written play with a poorly constructed third act" Truman Capote

isn't a strange world we live in?
where you hate me
and i hate you?
because we are the same
because we have the same vices
have the same religions
because we have different names
and your greed is different from my greed
and your ambition is different from my ambition
and there ain't no love between us
for any other reason other than i pose a threat
your moving
your acension
and isn't true?
the old jew used to say
living is moving
we are sharks
and what am i but
blood in the water
so take your ambition
take your greed
the water feels nice here anyways
isnt it strange?
we spend all our days fighting death
capturing the nector
the nector of youth
and all the energy i have
has left me
because i cant play
this wicked game no more
no no
i want to die with my soul
and i guess
thats the strangest thing of all in this world
this cycle of hate
of greed
of ambition
is that i'd like to die
knowing im different
knowing im stranger
than the strange world

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece when I was frustrated with a friend. I guess this collection comes as a result of feeling morbid and frustrated, yet being able to make fun of it all.

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