Crows Chasing Butterflies (Undying Anthem Part 2)

May 15, 2010
By The_End GOLD, Ashton, Idaho
The_End GOLD, Ashton, Idaho
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The weight holding people down is always dead.
Yet crows chasing butterflies has no effect?
But so what? Fight on, since life's chord is a thread.

Scars are forgettable, even if they're on your head.
Do crows chasing butterflies show lives intersect?
Ride life without reins, and don't care where you tread.

You cower from that word, that word called "dread."
Yet you've seen crows chasing butterflies, correct?
Then pick yourself up, and take what life's bred.

Typical, typical, you've heard what I've said.
But will you forget your scars?
You must take your memories, and put them to bed.

The weight inside you is still lying dead.
Will you breathe life into it, live without affect?
Now, dare to tread, where life's been bred.

Ah, bliss, I see it in your head.
Crows chasing butterflies do release prison bars.
In other cases, the crows been well fed.
In yours, well, the butterfly is finally ahead.

The author's comments:
Received inspiration for this from the song, "The Crow and the Butterfly" by Shinedown.

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