What Is Love

May 15, 2010
By Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
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What is love?
but something unseen
something so good
I call it serene
felt and not heard
but it all can begin
with one single word
that is not obscene
something so delicate
and found very rarely
Some people feel it
maybe just barely
something so fair
but played so unfairly
it hits so at random
and never hits squarely
Two people meet
and say their hellos
ready to greet
and tie like some bows
then their eyes show
and they feel the love
ready to go
feel the kisses and hugs
by meaning it is
something so great
meant for two people
put together by fate
nothing can equal
what this can create

love is something different for each person
better for some and for others it worsens
feelings so closed and then they just open
your meaning to love is your own token
token or pass for riding the life train
sometimes you feel stress
sometimes you feel pain
sometimes you lose some
and sometimes you can gain
new wisdom and new vision
seeing new people
brand new decisions

so there was this one day when i met this one girl
turned me all sideways and just flipped up my world
took me from feeling blank to filling my world with color
brand new thoughts and making me just wonder
how and why i wanted to win her heart
The suspense was killing, tearing me apart
beautiful girls here and there
i see pretty girls everywhere
yeah they say I'm a good hugger
not only that but I'm a good lover
I just want a girl that can make me feel brand new
no games, no playing, no acting a fool
every girl is so unique in every way
fighting for their love, like I'm in that fray
girls make me feel so great and so good
have a smile on always, just how i should
damn baby girl you know i could
make you feel nice, you know i would
I'm just wanting a girl different from all the others
don't be scared to come up and hug a brother
I'd make her smile each and every time
whisper in her ear with this sweet line
"I love you girl and all the things you do
I'm ill with your love like i caught the flu"
Girls here and there, girls everywhere
come one and come all, come if you dare
I promise you won't regret it
I'll tell it to you straight
just how i said it
I'll make you feel great
feelings of sadness?
no i won't permit it
I'll do what you want,
baby just wish it
just wish for it
I'll take you out
you'll be transported
those other dudes
they are distorted
There out of the picture
they are deported
so just look at me and follow my lead
I'll supply what you want
I'll supply what you need
To each and every girl i just have to say one thing
You will be my queen and I will be your King

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