To Patty H. Our Coach

May 20, 2010
In my 16 years of my life
Have never been as nervous
As I was that evening. So it was
Christmas break and I was in the Wisconsin Dells. I was there for the
State Wisconsin Holstein Convention. It was the
Day of the Seating exam. And I was nervous.
So we took the
Seating Exam and went to bed.
So we went to the
Holding room and we heard them
Read off the counties by rank on
The seating exam. They said that it
Was close so we knew we lost right,
Wrong. They said that the same county won last
Year and this year. So again we got a first round bye.
So we were half way through the first.
Round when we lost.
We were dead but luckily it was double elimination.
Surprisingly we made it to the Finals the next day.
But we had a challenge coming because we had to beat them twice to win.
So it was finally time, the finals were here and we were in them.
It was me Cody G,Ethan and Trent Dado. We were so nervous when we actually won the first game.
So it came down to the last and final round to get to go to Nationals.
We were on the last question when BEEP the other team buzzed in and got it right we were done.
I was crushed I immediately went over to my best friend and cried I haven’t forgot this memory and never will because we let our coach down and we were done. I promise coach WE WONT lose this year I promise.

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