What is Softball?

May 20, 2010
By Becky Rutledge BRONZE, Star Prairie, Wisconsin
Becky Rutledge BRONZE, Star Prairie, Wisconsin
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Softball is a simple sport to some.
To others… it is a lifestyle,
Walking out onto the field the softball lover breaths the fresh air.
You absorb the sunshine and calming breeze.
You are taking your spot on the field
Marking your ground,
As your team follows and take their spots to begin the game.
You breathe in the fresh air
And hear the umpire call “Play Ball!”
The fires crack of the bat against the ball and the game begins.
The ball is hit directly to you
You quickly react,
Fielding the ball you throw to first
“OUT!” the umpire calls
Two more batters out and you’re in the dugout.
You sit watching, listening, cheering
All the sudden you’re up
Watching the windup
You see the ball coming out by the hip.
You read the ball perfectly
Soaring in the air
The ball gracefully falls over the fence
Home Run!!!
The crowd screams
As you round third on your way home,
You see your team waiting to pound you for your spectacular feat.
Your adrenaline is pumping
You spend the rest of the game on what seems like cloud nine
And before you know it the game is over
You won!!!

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