The Hallways

May 20, 2010
These were hallways I had never seen,
An unknown maze of doors,
With crowds of students strolling by,
Leaving me alone and confused.

The sharp morning bell rang,
Where was I to go?
Students vanished through the doors,
Leaving me alone and confused.

I ran down the hall,
With my backpack of unfinished homework
Weighing me down so deep,
Deeper and deeper and deeper
Until finally, I stumbled outside,
All alone,
All confused.

The sky was light gray,
Yet the wind was chilling,
I huddled beneath the overhang,
Unsure of where to go and what to do,
And I stood there, cold, alone, and confused.

A rain drop fell on my nose,
with many more following,
A wet janitor approached,
Pointing to a new hallway,
And I walked there,

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