Life's maze

May 20, 2010
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Life is a winding hedge maze
With many dead-ends and long corridors.
There are many shady, forked paths
And when you take one path, the other remains untaken
Never to be taken so choose wisely which to tread through.
And when life stops like a dead-end in front of you
And you cannot take back what you’ve done…
Break through that thick green hedge
For nothing can stop you.
And when you seem lost and hopeless
In the cold hazy fog
Continue on your way
And a path will appear to you
To make sure life will continue.
As you can obviously see, life is like a maze.
There are dead-ends that will try to stop you
And bright and shadowy paths to be taken.
Sure, sometimes hope becomes lost and you’re options become slim
But you simply hope for the best and navigate through the fog.
There is an end to the maze as well as life
So instead of rushing through it
Admire the creation. Pick a flower and smell the air.
And whether you enjoy the maze simply depends upon you.
Never quit and choose the path that you think is best.
Life is a winding hedge maze.
Intricate and beautiful

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