May 11, 2010
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In gloom she sits
A prisoner suffering in chains
Stumbling without help
She cries out into the darkness without a reply
Just looking for a savior

Fear and self consciousness cover her face
Like a mask
Concealing her true beauty and personality
Making her unrecognizable
Even to herself

Desperate and confused
She looks for an answer
But hate has mended her broken heart
And love is a forgotten term
That was never given

Lost and broken
Her empty soul and darkened heart
Start to poison her mind
And her scars of conviction
Begin to heal with rebellion

Her now silent conscience
Goes against her thoughtless actions
Breaking her apart slowly
Starting on the inside
But spreading quickly to the outside

Her confidence drops
Every time her heart breaks
Her pain comes out in tears
And the cool sensation she feels
Assures her of her feelings

Each morning brings a new identity
And each night brings another
She hides behind a child-like mind
But presents her actions in a mature manner
Life for her is a contradiction

Her once soft outward shell
Has turned into a hardened one
In which nothing can penetrate
And nothing can escape
Making her physically numb

Nothing can stand in her way anymore
And now she is desperate for revenge
She will do anything she has to
In order to get rid of the pain
And stop the suffering

On the verge of destruction
Alone in this unforgiving world
She walks as a hopeless cause
Nothing can make her happy anymore
The darkness around her continues to grow

But one kind gesture of an average stranger
Changes her whole perspective
And the truth he speaks from his mouth
Breaks the chains about her soul
Making her yearn for that which has been missing

She lets the pure light of God pour in
Chasing every bond of darkness away
Causing her to glow with understanding,
Giving her every deprived feeling
And another chance to live

Love fills the cracks of her heart
And Forgiveness stitches the wounds
Every question she has ever had
Now is given to her by the one with all the answers
Her path has taken a different direction

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