Missing Peace

May 11, 2010
By , Fort Bragg, NC
My soul cries out for something
but my heart wouln't let me have it.
I seach for something,
but I cna't find it.
I feel it, some where...
inside of me, slowly, sliping away.
I'm stuck,
Where am I?
Find me.
Its dark,
and I'm scared.
Save me,
Help me,
Make the pain stop.
Then everything clears up
and I feel something.
I run twards the feeling
and I find...
I need you,
You need me.
You wrap me in your strong arms,
I'm no longer scard nor sad.
This is where I belong...
I feel safe in your loving grasp
I never want this moment to end.
Now I know what I needed...
What I was searching for,
What my life was missing...

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