Your Smile is a Murderer To Ocean Eyes with love (part one)

May 11, 2010
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so i'll tell you the truth,
that i am living proff
that your name can beat in someone else's veins.
with out any operational pains,

so as you smile sweetly.
i mentally start my will,
cause i know this love will kill me.
lika a poisonous pill,

you took my hand so neatly,
as you lead us far away.
from the land where we ponder, quiety whispering "hey".

it's like u wrote me a note saying meet me,
on that fateful day
that i realised i love you,
and made it so you could never get away.

after 3 years of not hugging you,
because of a dreadful day.
i promise i'll never leave you,
no matter how many times you say "go away".

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