May 19, 2010
I can't choose, I can't pick,
I have to hurry, I have to be quick.
The friend on the left, the friend on the right,
it's something I must fight.
Thinking about it the night before, not getting enough rest,
fall asleep late, waking up depressed.
One friend is fighting with the other,
you don't know what to do, so you talk to your mother.
She says to alternate, it's the easiest way,
so you try it, day after depressing day.
You're with one friend, your having fun,
you see your other friend, she's having none.
Everyday this happens, and you feel bad,
on weekends you have breaks, you fell kinda' glad.
Two days have gone by, and their still not friends,
you pray everyday, you pray your amens.
When you're crying all alone, lying in your bed,
you're thinking that your heart will never ever mend.
You hear your heart pounding, from the crying all night,
you open your curtains, and you see the bright sunlight.
When you go to school, you notice something weird,
you saw them laughing together, your heart just cheered!

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