Wonderful Day in June

May 19, 2010
By Gretchen Strang BRONZE, Afton, Wyoming
Gretchen Strang BRONZE, Afton, Wyoming
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all my family surrounded me,
I was dressed in all white, wearing
a smile on my face.
they were smiling too, it was
a happy day, a perfect day.
a wonderful day in June.

my dad and I entered the faunt
from opposite sides.
the water was warm and sent
butterflies into my stomach. I
was excited, I was happy, I
was about to be absolutely
My daddy held my left arm
and I plugged my nose with
my right hand.
He raised his right arm and
said the prayer. and then
I was baptized by emersion.

after words I dried off
and got into my new white dress
and went into the chapel with
my mom. There I was given one of
the most important gifts of my
I was confirmed and became
a member of
The Church of Jesus Christ
Of Latter Day Saints.

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