Your The One

May 19, 2010
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I lay down to go to sleep
But my sleepless eyes keep me awake
Laying here wondering
Wondering what's going to happen.

I do nothing but think of you
Of all the reasons why I love you

As the icy wind creeps through my window
I think to myself

Could you possibly be the one?

The one to hold me tight when I need it most
The one that understands when I’m feeling down
The one that gives me a shoulder to cry on
The one that loves for me the most not when happiest but at my worst moments

I lay here realizing something
That I have given you my whole heart to either love and make stronger or break and leave hopeless

Losing you would destroy my heart
One needs a heart to love and be loved
So therefore I shall not ever love or be loved again

I lay here with my sleepless eyes keeping me awake
Thinking that you may be the one

The one I will love for the rest of my life
The one that I couldn’t live without
The one that couldn’t live without me

I lay here knowing
With my sleepy eyes closing

That you are the one
The one I couldn’t live without
The one that could provide love when needed most
The one that I love and will love till the day I die

You are the one I want to marry
And spend the rest of my life with

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