May 17, 2010
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To wake up in the morning to the sound of the morning horn.
As you close your eyes and take a deep breath and to stretch.
Breathing out your breath in silence to only hear quakes of the sky above coming from planes going out or coming in.
As you see soldiers loading on an off.
Watching them their children and either wife or husband.
As the troops look back even as much as it hurts them, but to say the words good-by.
Mothers and fathers try to be as strong as their hearts can be for their young knowing the fact their spouse has left now for a long period of time.
Only to take things off their minds they go to relax at a duck pound were they hope to share memories with their hero the day they return home.
Walking around then stop to feed the ducks as the children chase after them you look back on the faces of mothers and fathers.
To have smiles on their faces if so everything was ok.
But, inside they were in a state a state as if nature came together as one or an up lifting spirit to bring down their burden an pain inside.
Coming back reaching for their young bringing them back from the edge of the pound.
When dark falls everyone heads to the like show on Balora lake.
Looking toward the skies as you hear their quakes fade away and the lights sparkle in their eyes only to speak louder.
In ones eyes the words that speak even louder to say they’ll be back soon but not today.
I heard of Fort Hood were the skies quake.

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