Trench Of Broken Dreams

May 11, 2010

I’m so sick of making people miserable.
And living through the tears.
And the dreams I have wasted.
And flung into the flames.
There’s fire in you eyes.
They can’t hide the hate forever.
Memories are surfacing.
Not the ones I want to see.
They remind me of the things I’ve done.
The darkness of my past.
Give way to floodgates of pain.
The weight of regret.
Is heavier than death.
The heartaches that I’ve withstood.
Are almost more than I can bear.
So dig the grave.
So deep, so cold.
I walk a line of life and death.
A thread, it’ll break too soon.
But if I leave.
There’ll be less pain.
For the ones that I once loved.
I trusted them, held on tight.
To the faith I put in them.
But realizing, I’m the type.
That no one loves.
And no one trusts.
No one cares.
That’s how I’ve lived.
That’s how I’ll die.
Unwanted, superfluous, and shunned.

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