I am From

May 17, 2010
By , South Plainfield, NJ
I am from the movie nights and family movies/From a clean home and strict parents/I am from vacations with my cousins and grandma's house/From sewing with grandma and playing with L.J./I am from years of cheerleading and broken bones/From a pool in the backyard and a basketball hoop in the front//I am from the pet hermit crabs no longer here/From my stuffed monkey and tropical room/I am from physical therapist parents and the giant clock on the wall/From Brittany Spears music and Zac Efron posters/I am from my mom's personality and my dad's looks/From that ugly blue dress and Nesquick pink milk//I am from the Italian dinners and Irish cookies/From the hole in the wall and the ketchup in my hair/I am from a family of six and endless memories/From the collected sea glass and warm beach/I am from the rainbow hammock and little tree out back/From the Christmas pageants and Thanksgiving feasts//I am from the family that always stuck together/From the trips to Disney and my once scary basement/I am from a fear of the ocean and an obsession of dolpihns/From Labor Day block parties and walking in the parade/I am from card games with nanny and her home-made meals/From video games with my siblings and always losing//All of the memories will never be forgotten/The countless laughs while growing up/Not just the good times, but also the bad/I will never forget where I am from

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