I am From the Cities Pasedena and South Plainfield

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I am from the cities pasedena and South Plainfield/
From all those adventures in the backyard/
I am from a loud and noisy family/
From my mom who's always sayimg 'clean the house'/
I am a dad who loves playing soccer/
From that big family on our little street/

From my grandma who lives in Guatemala/
The little girl who was scared of her basement/
The smell of food coming from the kitchen/
The girl who loves to eat tamamles every once in a while/
The girl who loved to hold her teddybear when scared/
The one who loved to read "Where the Wild Things Are"/
I am from the girl who hated wearing that dress/
Waiting for my dad to come home and say hello/
The girl who loved to watch Barney in the mornings/
The girl who lives on the quiet neighborhood/
The Mexican and Guatemalan girl in a small and yellow house/
I am from the house with no pets just little kids/

I am from my mom who loves things clean/
The girl who hid in the corners away from spiderss/
The girl who has shoe boxes under her bed/
The one who has to share a room with her 11 year old sister/
From constantly fighting with my older sister to breaking it up with laughs/
And the one who just loves her big family/

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