A Painting of a Star

May 14, 2010
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I am sure, my mind has long been set,
But, yet some how, I can not find the best.
Unless, of course you are the best,
Which in that case, I have failed this test.

For long have I tried to move on,
But again, I find myself back at the start.
I have ran this race too may times, but shall run it again,
To see exactly what it is, my body urges to bring to light.

I am a buyer at a gallery, who can't spare the dime,
To buy that one painting, that catches his eyes.
I walk around in utter dismay as other paintings
Seem just as good, but they just can't fill that place.

I have hung many of many, paintings on that hook
But all have been removed, for they seemed to shallow
To fill such a place, to fill such a depth, I only found one,
But I haven't placed it yet.

I am certain, I am looking for something,
but compared to you, others have noting.
But , YOU! ? surely not, long Have I gave in,
Long have I forgot,
How can you have, what others not ?
Where is it your blessings lie?
For I would love to lay too.

And, ask the God, ask the being, or ask the simple dusk
That seems so gorgeous, seems so beautiful, with dawn's lust.
For twilight falls on those who see what you really are.
The unattainable star. Far beyond this diminutive World.

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