Sense the Light

May 14, 2010
By dramaflower SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
dramaflower SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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It’s so bright out here

And I can feel it

The warmth of your body, just like

Mother, stretching your arms down around me

Are you comfortable with my arms?

Yes, I am
I am certain that your arms are not just mine

I know that the patches of light are like the plots of land

I hear about

That you view from the Sky

And you helped make the patches of light

And the plots of land

I love to gaze upon that patchwork quilt

I’m not able to do that like you,

But I know

That it is beautiful,

Beautiful just like the chirping

Of the Birds in harmony

That you woke up this morning


Can you feel the vibrancy of life put into this world today, and sense the color?

I want to know, because I can dream of it all

I know that the

Crickets and katydids

Are chirping,

Adding the string section to an orchestrated symphony

And the cool patchwork ground

And pillars budding up around me

Growing crisp, moist leaf bunches

And too soaring-high for me to feel or comprehend

Is the sky, stable but flowing

The foamy clouds’ lazy-moving river

When can you feel me?

I know that

You’re there

When the cold frost is melted by your hot breath

When the birds come chirping and the katydids and crickets slowly mute their instruments

When the ground is warm and I lay on my stomach, peaceful

When the smell of fresh-turned soil radiates its heavy, moist, full scent around me

When the wind whips gently, tugging at my hair and playfully brushing it against my face

When it’s warm again after Winter’s cold

When I feel


That’s when I can tell.

My arms are around you

The author's comments:
This is a dialogue poem. I'll tell you the creature explaining the earth, but you can guess the other being. My idea for the creature (you can come up with your own, if you like) is a blind person explaining what the sun "looks" like to them, but only feeling it with all the other senses but eyesight. I thought it was a neat way to think of the sun, without thinking of how blinding it is to the eyes.

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