Nihilistic Evenings

May 14, 2010
I used to remember your heart in the silence,
But we know not who I am
Because I asked you to steal my soul
and take the smiles from the trees
for my veins are bleeding in the leaves.

So peculiar that we loose ourselves
As we've discover freedom.
Freedom, meaning trying to learn, but
the answers masked my the beasts in your bed.
Beasts you used to be kept safe from
in the arms of fear.
The uncovering that fear was the
only legitimate fear we ever f***ing knew.

But who am I?
I believe in love.
I believe in the way our hearts pretended
to sleep under the same pillow
holding hands like the pages of a book.
And I believe in the clouds of your eyes.

The vibrato of our opera ship claimed the masts
and attacked our sails; dragging them down.

We know not who we are.
So the tears fall in trails down our cheeks
Passing the spot where his lips tasted your neck.
For a moment we see who we long to be
Knowing it was never ours, we rip
we bite and scream, praying that false melodies
of another blissful sky won't show today
So you will never fall in the face of a crowd again.

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CarolynQ said...
Jul. 17, 2010 at 11:55 am
Powerful, "For a moment we see who we long to be Knowing it was never ours..." Love the statement
Also powerful "But who am I?" I love how you ask this, the poem as a whole is a way of finding yourself I believe, great job. check out my new poetry tell me what you think of it.
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