You Can't Always Get What You Want

May 14, 2010
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Looking around the room,
Angry faces looking back.
They stare right through me,
Like I’m wrong.
Wrong, because of who I am,
Or what I do.
Wrong, because I love the things
You do.
I can’t earn anything, but I don’t need
Their approval.
You can always get what you want
With my removal.
My love runs deep within
Your heart.
You only want me when
We’re apart.
From society,
From life itself.
I’m not just a joke
Or trophy for you.
I’m not your little secret
You’ll tell eventually.
I’m real, caring, smart,
Everything you’re not.
I’m done with you and
Your games.
You can’t always get what you want,
And now it’s me.

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