I'm Not Me

May 14, 2010
By , zimmerman, MN
I look in the mirror.
Do you know what I see?
I see the face of a girl I don't even know.
I see the girl that you've made me to be.
I see the scars on my body that were caused by so much pain.
I see the muscle of my arms that were built to fight.
I see a dimness in my eyes that wasn't there before.
I see a fake smile that is glued to my face.
I see a spirit broken by your demeaning words.
I see a heart shattered on the ground from your twisting lies.
I see my mind twisted and torn apart by the demons inside.
Do you know what else I see?
That not even my closest friends see?
I see death in my soul that was caused by your carelessness.
I see a girl who is willing to die from all the pain you've caused her.

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