Pet's Heal

May 12, 2010
The drive is filled with excitement
A child's impatience evident
He wait's for what seems like hours
Sitting in the backseat
Staring out the windows
Finally they arrive
Gathering his strength
Carefully on his crutch
He wobbles in
Stepping ungracefully around the cages and boxes
Taking it all in
The looks of tired puppies
Squawks of loud parakeets
Fish silently pacing their glass tanks
He gazes at the little black kittens
Touches lightly the glass windows
Where within the transparent wall lies
Newborn puppies lying upon one another
Glancing up at the attention
Then reaching for a ball to play with
He staggers to search every box
To look at every innocent beautiful creature
In the corner he finds another box
Smaller than the rest
He peeks through the open top
What is found is a little runt
A puppy with big brown eyes
Light brown in color
Missing a leg
She glances up at the boy
This one he says
She's just like me
I want this one

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