The Massive Symbol of Life

May 11, 2010
Gleaming down intensely,
The sun, a massive ball of heat,
Shines brightly upon the earth today.
The warmth it spreads feeds energy to my soul,
Sparking the fireworks within.
Freshly renewed like a fire,
My soul begins to smolder, a desire rising in me,
Felt more strongly now than ever before.
Life, so beautiful and rare,
Gives us the opportunity to experience
So many vast treasures.
Though it may quickly fade
Into the foggy, vague distance,
Life gives us the most precious gift of all.
We have the chance to breathe, to smile brightly,
To mature and develop into wise creatures.
Every glimpse we take at our surroundings could be our last,
A simple thought often taken for granted.
But as I sit here the sun beams down strongly
Whispering the hymn of life,
Reminding me just how precious life can be.

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