I miss you

May 10, 2010
By Citlali GOLD, Ingleside, Texas
Citlali GOLD, Ingleside, Texas
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I miss you.

I miss the days with your messy hair

I miss getting up in the mornings wanting you there

I miss the adorable smile you sent my way

I miss those three words you used to say

I miss your arms wrapped around my waist

I miss how your lips used to taste

I miss you looking down on me going for a kiss

I miss moving out the way so you would miss

I miss the face you always made when I said something weird

I miss how everywhere I was, you always appeared

I miss the cute way you crinkled your nose

I miss you making fun of my toes

I miss not wanting to say goodbye

I miss not looking at any other guy

I miss driving by your house in the middle of the night

I miss always being right

I miss being able to say I love you with no fear

I miss the I love yous’ I will never again hear

The author's comments:
A broken heart will heel in time, but the memories will always remain.

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