no poem for hatred

May 14, 2010
Smiles on every face sunshine in every place, no sir I can assure you they’re happy. No poem for hatred I yelled in joy no sorrow, no hatred for sure. Laughing everywhere, everyone with wild hair, just being as happier as can be. No sir this is no poem for hatred, can’t you tell? Smile! Be happy! Be full with cheer u can tell here that there is no fear
The place where no stands for yes and yes stands for no complete wackiness complete opposite. I can assure you this is no poem for hatred. Pastry, cakes, brownies and such oh my gosh there is just so much! Candy, sugar, sweets and stuff, I think ate so much that I’m stuffed! Every Childs dream is to drown in candy. No poem for hatred. Now this thing is handy. So do you understand now there is no poem for hatred? Why are you so grumpy and hated? Be happy! Smile! Just join the club. In agreement this is defiantly no poem for hatred.

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