Them and me

May 12, 2010
By Anonymous

It's not fair of them...

It’s not fair they bring me down like they do
It’s not fair they force negativity on me
It’s not fair they complain about things in my life
Things I can’t control

It’s not fair that everything is going downhill
Because of them
Not because of me
And I try to hold on
Try to hold back
But there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening

It’s not fair that my life is a mess
It’s not fair that all I can do is stand and watch
As my future goes down the drain
And what I have gained over the years
Becomes less and less

It’s not fair I have to be their courage
It’s not fair I have to be their rock
When they were never there when I needed them
They were always gone doing something for themselves

It’s not fair that he is lazy
It’s not fair that she works hard
It’s not fair that I am stuck here
When she can go anywhere
Because they bought HER a car

It’s not fair that all I have is him
For my truth for my protection
My only solid ground
And he might leave me soon enough
Desert me like all the rest
My guardian angle torn to pieces
No more of his perfection to be found

It may not be fair that I am writing this now
When I have worked so hard to hide my pain
Becoming stronger every time it hurts
And only crying when mo one is looking

But it’s not fair my room has become my refuge
It’s not fair that when everything is wrong it’s been like that for so long that it feels right
It’s not fair that the dark has become my bliss because the only part of my day that is peaceful is the night

My scars are burning
There’s and endless pounding in my ears
I am blind to all happiness
I am wide open to all my fears

How could this happen to me
How could they have grown so evil in my eyes?
How can I have too much pain in my heart?
How can I continue all my lies?

They say everything happens for a reason
I just don’t understand why it happened to me
But they also say another statement
Life isn’t fair
And I would have to agree

The author's comments:
I wrote this when i was mad at "them" down on myself and upset with my life.

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