Mercury (II) Hydride

May 10, 2010
By beckyboo73 GOLD, Lethbridge, Other
beckyboo73 GOLD, Lethbridge, Other
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“Sigh.” Mercury was always the odd one out.
It’s hard to participate with the other metals when you’re the only liquid.
She sat. Alone.
Just then, she heard a fuss behind her and then Hydrogen was right beside her, in all his glory.
Top of the Periodic Table.
Everyone reacts with Hydrogen.
Mercury would never look at another atom the same way again because he was beautiful,
but all Mercury could think was:
“Stupid Hydrogen. Thinks he’s so great, thinks metals are so much better than everyone else just because they’re solid. Stupid, cocky, reactive Hydrogen.”
And then Hydrogen turned to her and said
“I know what you’re thinking. It’s awful to react with everyone. No one cares about my nucleus, they all just want my electron.”
And then Mercury (II) Hydride was born.
And Mercury never looked at another atom the same way again.

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