The Road of Life

April 27, 2010
By Eliana BRONZE, Fairifeld, Connecticut
Eliana BRONZE, Fairifeld, Connecticut
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You Began your journey helpless and young
Crawling slowly under the rising sun
As you grew you began to walk at a faster pace
You stumbled on over rock walls and tiny hills
Beginning to show your face
The hills grew steeper
The walls into craggy mountaintops
And, still you traveled
You couldn't just stop
You shivered from tip to toe
Climbing mountains in sheets of snow
Grazing your legs on thorny knolls
You found crimson rose bushes at the bottom though
You crossed over hot bubbling streams
And swam through frozen water
That turns your face blue and makes you scream
The journey is long
But, you go on through your laughter and strife
Tasting the juice of ripe berries
And crawling through shadowy caves
With only a flickering light
Still you press on and on
It meanders, and winds on
Til you path you took is sparse and gone
All through your laughter and strife
You walk along through the night
Traveling down the road of life

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to portray the struggles and pleasures of life. Life is no easy feat, but it should be a meaningful experience for the short time we are here.

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