Jerk i love you

April 24, 2010
You never seem to say the right thing
But still you have my full attention
You make me melt like chocolate on a warm day
Suddenly all my senses have disappeared
You are such a JERK
I always thought you would wipe away my tears
But you’re the one making them fall down my face
I’m trying so hard to make you want me
But that’ll never really happen
You just pretend and make me hurt
But why won’t you try
Why don’t you care
Look me in the eye and tell me you really want this
Tell me your okay with putting me in this pain
Watch the tears roll down my face
Stop being such a coward and be a man
Learn to do the right thing for once
You hide behind your phone and act like its all alright
You’ll never be the man you made me believe you were
You’ve hurt me so many times
You make me feel theres no such thing as love
What is love?
Love is not what you feel for me but It is what I feel for you
You are such a JERK
I wish I could say I hate you
But all I can say is I hope your truly happy
I’m not even that mad
I still want to be in your arms when the lights go out
I don’t ask for much all I want is you
You’re the only man I’ve ever loved
Age is but a number when it comes to love baby
I care so deeply can’t you see
Words cannot describe the way I feel for you
No more tears from these eyes of mine
I’m going to smile and tell you I’m okay
It might be a lie but you won’t know
All you’ll see is my smile
Not the lie
I’ll always love you JERK

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