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May 7, 2010
Dawn breaks over the horizon
The small town of Sedona is up in a rucuss.
Merchents and bankers travel back and forth between shops,
Cowboys get ready for another hard day at work,
women collect the cream from the farmer to make a fresh batch of cheese.
Its all just another day for the small town of Sedona.
The towns people never stopping,
always on the move.
The air is filled with a cheerful but,
yet rather rushed attitude.
Every one ready for the day.

The cowboys ride of to the desert
where they hurd there cattle.
Never letting one travel to far and
always on the look out for danger.
The winds swept across the desert floor,
creating dust devils as they past by.
As the sun sets as the men round they cattle back up
and head home.

At the town everything begins to slow down
as the last rays of sun dissappear over the moutain top.
People relax by the fire side and reflect on the day that just past.
As each person falls asleep,
the never ending movement seems to stop.

Then over in the distance,
past the great oak trees and the red rocks,
the sun appears yet agein
to welcome the cheery people of sedona.
the comeotion yet agiens begins to happen.
Everyone is ready to work and
ready to do there duties.
The town seems to be runing smoothly.
Its just another day in old Sedona.

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