Silent Waiting

April 24, 2010
Just the mention of your name
brings tears to my eyes.
My heart stops beating for a moment
then continues its perfect rythym.
I have yet began to move on because I’m afraid.
I want you but you don’t want me.
I need you but you dont need me. I
try to talk to you but all I get is silence.
I wait for the light on my phone
and the buzz of it to tell me I have a new message.
Every time it blinks my heart lifts up
until I see that it’s not from you.
You use to be the person I always talked to.
But now we never talk.
I try to, want to, need to,
but no matter what I never get a reply.
And it breaks my hopes even more.
I’ve almost lost all my faith in you
but I keep wishing on the impossible.
I keep hoping a miracle will happen
though I know it won’t.
I need to move on
but my heart wont take the step for me
to continue with my life.
It’s like it knows you belong with me
even though you cant see this bond
that connects us.
I guess I’ll try again tomorrow
to see your name on my phone,
to hear your voice,
to be with you...

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lifefakeswriting1234 said...
Jun. 3, 2010 at 3:16 pm
this is simply amazing. its real. its true. its wholesome. 5stars!
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