April 24, 2010
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As I sit here on the windowsill
Staring at the greyness that
Has become our world,
I stop to think.
Have we no shame?

We are not inert.
As the grass and the trees
Wither away into
Sweet nothings,
Us humans are only getting stronger.

Unlike us,
The trees,
Nor the grass, nor the wildlife
Sin, or have anything
To hide.

They don’t deserve
The consequences
Of our behaviour,
Nothing deserves it,
Except for us.

We are the ones
Killing the earth
With our new technologies.
We kill other people,
By not sharing the wealth.

We let species that
We once loved
Go extinct,
They didn’t do anything.
Are we too naïve?

We know about our surroundings,
And how we affect them.
But still, one question
Do we know enough?

And while I stare into
The grey world we have
Knowingly destroyed,
I still have
But one question.

Has our generation
Come down with a
Morbid case of inertia?
Have we all learned to live
With the faults of our nature?

Even though we can
Clearly see that we can change it,
It is almost as if we
don’t care anymore.
Like we are waiting to die.

Have we no shame?

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