That Day

April 24, 2010
He left her that day
In her darkest time
Even though her heart was breaking
He didn't even care
She watched him out her window
As he drove away
She found a tear in her eye
As he left that day.

He didn't relize the impact he left
When he packed up that day
Her friends came to help her
But she just pushed them away
She wanted to be left alone
You never found her with anyone
She lost the urge to live
After that day he left.

Her heart was shattered
After he left that day
She never got a call or letter
For weeks on end.
She finally gave up
Throw in the towel, as they say
She stopped believing he would come back
Because he left that day.

Her mom came home one day
To find her daughter lifeless
She searched and searched all around
And then she saw the gun
Lying beside her was a not that read
"She was miserable. There was no other choice."
And sure enough he had come back
On that dreadful day...

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