So It Seems

May 10, 2010
By , Olathe, KS
This lifetime cuts me deep.
Feels like I’m meeting the cousin of sleep.
Seems like stress has me on a leash.
And success is a pinkie finger out of reach.
But this is why I deliver this speech.
My attempt to release,
To shake off this beast,
That seems to want me to be deceased,
But the beast that I see in the mirror
is me.
Well what do I do?
When my mood is constantly blue,
And negativity is contagious like the flu,
Stuck to my mind, body and soul like glue,
I feel like such a foo…
But on the outside I’m fine.
Yes, on the outside I’m fine,
But it’s the inside your blind to,
Like a felon who committed a crime,
But its innocence that he is trying to,
Somebody help me please!...
No one hears my silent pleas.
But I’m not surprised because I finally open my eyes,
And I wipe away the silent cries my eyes cried and realize…
It was just a nightmare.
A mere dream…
So it seems…
Poetic Mindstate

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