Never know

May 4, 2010
Together forever
Faded and forgotten
Feeling alone
Dark and cold
The wounds will make scars
Scars that will never disappear
They’ll fade to pink memories
And they’ll haunt me forever
I’ll lie and say I’m fine
But my eyes will deceive me and say I’m not
I never been deceived by myself before
Something new to fight through
People will see the fake smile
And think it’s real
They’ll never know
They’ll never care
Just another “happy” face
In a crowd
They’ll never guess
What’s under the surface
Under the laughter and the jokes
They’ll never want to know
And I’ll never let them know
Just a lie, just a fake
But how can you be a fake
If you don’t even know who you are

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P@in545 said...
Jun. 6, 2010 at 11:28 pm
Story of my life untill last year hahaha. Awsome nice work it realy makes you think. i like it.
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