Gone Away

May 9, 2010
By Love,Lindsey SILVER, Memphis, Indiana
Love,Lindsey SILVER, Memphis, Indiana
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Why did you leave, why did you go?
What made you so unhappy, I need to know.

You always seemed so happy, I guess there was more I just didn't see.
But now I need answers to set me free.

I wish I could have seen the hurt in your eyes.
I wish I could have heard your cries.

Now that your gone I'm compltely tore.
I need you, but you needed me more.

Maybe I could have helped and made you want to stay.
But now its to late, you have already gone away.

You were my best friend, you still are.
but the other you is just way to far.

You're out of my reach now, what am I to do.
I cant do anything but miss you.

The author's comments:
This is about having a friend that has tried or has committed suicide. Its a very difficult thing.

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