May 8, 2010
By Krista Burnette BRONZE, Hixson, Tennessee
Krista Burnette BRONZE, Hixson, Tennessee
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In a captivating sleep, I saw hell in dream.
He was ever changing as fire, and came in a team
Of not one, not two, but three future fates
That watch as I write this and anxiously await.
The first creature that came was blind, yet had sight
And I was him, watching you, from a great height.
We saw peace and rule from our castle in the sky.
Nothing but beauty would pass you by
But he handed this beholder back down to the ground
Where suddenly, no beauty was to be found.
Man was working for man, not for his brothers.
It was every man for himself, not one another.

This first monster was ignorance, and I was infected with his plague.
I became a statistic in the pandemic of the world today
For believing that one should work for others benefit;
To the weaker wills the stronger must submit.

Entity two was a beautiful man
Who appeared in a strobe light and held out his hand
To seduce me to a place of sin and splendor
Where the two of us became a single offender.
Trapped in a body, though we were dead,
Robbed of our accomplishments, left, and bled.
Watching the world around us die
Yet still let out a feeble cry:
“Why am I trapped in the place of the damned?
I worshipped the holy, the son, the lamb!”
“You visited the home of the divine,” came a thunderous reply,
“But your supposed morals were defied!”

That second horror was pure pleasure,
Not of success, but of a worldly treasure.
The pleasure of contentedness with flesh attainment
Which lead to nothing save eternal torment.

The last demon was the worst yet
Who stole my identity and made me forget
All thoughts and opinions from before
And his ideas were what I came to adore.
I joined a million minions identical to me
Who lost ourselves into a collective ‘We’.
We were Satan’s cohorts, recruited by the sin
Of letting the corruptions of our modern lives win.

In this final hell We rotted away
Until finally just now did I awake
With a mission before me, clearly in my head:
To prevent a future such as this from coming ahead.
To live wide awake and free of ignorance,
Think past tomorrow and towards the lamb,
And slow down to shape who I really am.
And when I meet these monsters again
This visit will have a different end.

The author's comments:
This is based off of a nightmare that I actually had once.. I hope you enjoy it.

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