I miss you

May 7, 2010
By , Ada, OH
I lay down,
to watch the clouds drift by.
I begin to frown,
then I start to cry.

Life goes by so fast,
a year urns into a day.
And I wonder how long i'll last,
when tommorrow is suddenly today.

The tears roll down my face.
And without you by my side,
There are no dreams I want to chase,
I can't beleive that you have died.

It seems its been forever,
Yet not so long ago,
I hugged you and said I'd never,
Let you let me go.

That is just a dream,
A silly fantasy.
Your eyes will never gleam,
You will never hug me.

Life flies by so fast.
Its easy to confuse the future, with what's happened in the past.

And so I look over,
Thinking you'll be there.
But I don't have that four leaf clover,
And life just isn't fair.

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