"Lonely Soul"

May 4, 2010
By JohnG2323 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
JohnG2323 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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I am a rock
A hard being with no soul
I sit and wait for something to happen
But it never does
What’s wrong with me?
I am here but Im not
Im alive but Im dead
Iam scared, I don’t like being alone
I want to move but I can’t
What choice do I have?
Emptiness Nothingness Repetitiveness
I am not happy but I am not mad
Iam all alone yet there is so much around me
I sit and wait
What else can I do?

I wait, I wait for what?
I sit, I sit and think
About nothing, nothing at all
Life passes me by and like a tree I fall
No more waiting I am through
I’m finally ready to live without you
You had your chance now go away
Your out of my mind, you’ve gone astray
Yet now and then I stop and wonder
How we became such a plunder
Was it you or me or was it he
That kept you from being with me
I start to cry, frustration builds
My heart is full of angry guilt
So many chances it’s now too late
I sit alone in an absurd state
I’ve made mistakes throughout our life
I’ve broke some hearts and told some lies
But my greatest fault through and through
Is that I’ll never EVER be with you…..

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