You Will Never Know

April 29, 2010
I sit down and sigh,
Trying not to cry,
You ask me if I am ok,
I say, I had a really bad day,
If I knew,
What you would do,
I would know you really did not care,
But if you don't why do you stare,
I wasted so many thoughts on you,
But you never knew,
I tried to make myself realize,
You just see me with your eyes,
You don't know what I had inside,
Because part of me died,
All because you don't care,
Something inside me is not there,
Did you really think I do not feel pain?
I sat there and cried in the cold rain,
You left me here bleeding,
Can you not hear me pleading?
All I had is gone because of you,
All because you never knew,
Inside I am empty, so cold it’s like snow,
I loved you, and now you'll never know.

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