Soul Life Soul Death

May 5, 2010
By keeez BRONZE, Rancho Santa Fe, California
keeez BRONZE, Rancho Santa Fe, California
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The day of death marks the day someone dies
The day of birth marks the day someone lives
Whose death, whose birth
It does not matter
Someone's soul has passed somewhere new
Someone has been welcomed
Someone has been put to rest

The soul will live far beyond their years of life

From birth to death, you are somebody
He who is laid to rest will be birthed into a new life
Living or not

His life may change where his soul remains
When his soul remains, his life changes
When a new life enters the world
They matter to someone
When an old life passes out of the world
They change someone
When that moment comes
When you touch a life
Will you remember?

When you change a life, you change a soul
When you change a soul, you change your own

The day you cross over form life to death
Or death to life
Your heart starts beating or it stops
But your soul will never stop. It goes on forever after you

You cant go with it
It has other plans

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