I'm Here

May 5, 2010
Your smile is tied tight with string
To the corners of your ears.
Your back is straight and cannot break,
Like a puppet, aged with years.
Your voice is a hum,
Like bees swarming near.
The room lights with splendor,
Just because you’re here.
You never let anyone fall;
You’re always there to catch.
Your eyes are bright and shining
And you never lose your breath.

But when the cord snaps
And your lips wilt down,
When your back breaks
And you can’t stay off the ground,
When your voice falters
And falls on deaf ears,
It doesn’t matter who listens,
Just because I’m here.
When you find yourself falling,
Falling, with no one to catch,
When your eyes go dull,
And the breath runs out in your chest,

I can tie the cords,
And bring your smile back up.
I can pick you off the ground
And make sure you stay up.
My voice can be yours,
If only for the day.
Because just by one look,
I already know what you want to say.
When you fall, don’t look back,
Because you know I’m there to catch.
You can breathe easy, friend,
Laugh, and save your breath.

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