That Must Have Been Some Kiss

May 5, 2010
By , Riverside, RI
i don’t think i’m even capable
of hurting you.
no, i’m not capable of
causing this kind of pain.
but somehow, for you,
it comes easy.

i didn’t know, i never knew.
but now i do,
so just leave me.

you can say you regret,
you can say please forgive me,
you can tell me to just forget,
you can say, let the past be the past,
give me one more chance
to prove we can make this last.

well, you know all the right things to say
but it still sounds wrong.
and there’s no way
to make it right.

so you can keep all your excuses,
all your lies and empty words,
and broken promises.
i don’t want them.

i’ll shove away your
flimsy emotions mixed with
fickle love.

you know you’re wrong,
you know you should’ve said no,
you know you should’ve made her go,
but you didn’t.

so now leave me with
broken trust
and questions of
why’d you do it,
why’d you do it to me,
why why why
now how can we ever be the same?
and is she worth it?

this isn’t about the truth,
it’s not about your lies,
it’s that you don’t realize;
it’s that you need to apologize.

deceive me once, i forgave.
deceive me twice, i break.
deceive me again and again, i shatter
to pieces…
what’s the matter
with you?

well, you laid these bricks,
so now build this up.
this is it, this is this.
and i have nothing else to say
that must have been some kiss.

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