The daily life of paparazzi

May 4, 2010
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You, with your high resolution cameras, capture everything your path
Like bees to honey, you are attracted to everything that is scandalous, famous, or just plain freaky
From TMZ to the Insider…. You have many ways of getting into the minds of the public
You feed on the humiliation of the human, waiting viciously to capture the right picture to finish off someone’s career to save your own
Your hearts are nothing but cold black holes, not caring how many people you destroy
Your only importance is what picture will make it on the cover of the Inquirer or The New York Times
Do you have any compassion for celebrities at all?
For you’ll do anything to get a snapshot of the latest teen sensation in drug rehab
You never leave the famous and rich alone in hopes of making yourself the very same person that you are trying to demolish…
You try to make people believe that a human’s instincts are a wrong-doing,
Making the public think that a one-in a- million mistake is a felony against this great country of ours… a crime against society
And your love for destroying the very reputation of stars doesn’t end there
You always appear at the exact moment you are not wanted, making celebrities seem like someone from America’s Most Wanted
You even push some stars over the limit, making them punch you or slap you for being so offensive
Then you blame it on them, that they are time-bombs ready to explode, going for the children or even killing puppies!!
But who can blame them, they were only trying to protect themselves from the likes of you,
You, who live off the disgrace and shame of others, while they are compelled to hide their face from the public,
And yet you have yet to capture a picture of real importance
Instead of capturing a crime scene, with a full view of the suspect at hand, you capture a star in the latest party or rave
And while you could be capturing photos of people doing something to save this world in which we live in, you capture a celebrity smoking while driving
You, the paparazzi of this nation, nourish yourselves from the pain and suffering of celebrities who only try to make a living in this world
And in this seemingly endless battle of humiliation and fame against you and celebrities, there can only be one winner
So who will it be you or the celebrities???

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